Windows 8 and Server 2012 RTM/GA Dates Announced

I was actually under a rock, busy delivering some training, so I missed the WPC keynotes and the announcements today. 

  • Windows 8 is on track to RTM on the first week of August, assuming that there are no showstoppers between now and then.
  • Customers with Software Assurance will have access to the downloads via the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) by the end of August.
  • The Windows 8 Store will go live (in other words, go commercial) at RTM time.
  • GA will be by the end of October.  That’s when you’ll see designed-for-Windows 8 machines for the first time in the stores.

Windows Server 2012 will RTM in August and be “available to customers worldwide through multiple channels in September”.  Yes, Windows Server 2012 will be GA before the desktop.  That’ makes sense actually, because the OEMs will need more time with the desktop OS than they will with the server OS.

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