Where Do You Set The Live Migration Network In A WS2012 Hyper-V Cluster

Microsoft has moved the location of where you configure the LM network with the release candidate of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V.  The old location was confusing … right-click on the properties of a single Virtual Machine resource (in the VM group), and that applied to all VMs.  As a speaker, the bewildered and confused look on people’s faces at that point was always worrying.

And thankfully, it is now relocated to somewhere more obvious, and clear that it’s a cluster wide setting:


  • Right-click on Networks
  • Select Live Migration Settings


In this new dialog box, you can order the networks (from the above Networks node in Failover Cluster Manager), and select which ones are to be used for Live Migration.  I like to make my network names clear, so it’s obvious what is what here.

7 thoughts on “Where Do You Set The Live Migration Network In A WS2012 Hyper-V Cluster”

  1. So which one of those networks do you run your CSV traffic over?

    BTW – I’m really enjoying all your posts on the new Stuff in Hyper-V – excellent stuff and really interesting 🙂

    1. Sadly, no, not that I’ve been able to find, and the cluster team have not been able to give me an answer to that one either. There might be a hack for doing it using PowerShell via WMI.

      1. You can use the following command to change the network orders:
        Get-ClusterResourceType -Name “Virtual Machine” | Set-ClusterParameter -Name MigrationNetworkOrder -Value ([String]::Join(“;”,(Get-ClusterNetwork -Name “Network1”).ID,(Get-ClusterNetwork -Name “Network2”).ID,(Get-ClusterNetwork -Name “Network3”).ID))

        And you can use the following command to disable all but one network adapter using powershell for LM:
        Get-ClusterResourceType -Name “Virtual Machine” | Set-ClusterParameter -Name MigrationExcludeNetworks -Value ([String]::Join(“;”,(Get-ClusterNetwork | Where-Object {$_.Name -ne “Live Migration”}).ID))

        More is explained at:

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