Service Manager 2012 “Service Ticketing”

Import Management Packs

  • Service Manager CMDB can become aware of your environment from OpsMgr if:
  • You import MP in OPsMgr
  • AND import MP in Service Manager
  • ConfigMgr data is pulled in, including primary devices for users
  • AD
  • Orchestrator runbooks are also importable: LOB and 3rd party management tools

Other options:

  • Import files
  • Write/buy 3rd party connectors

Some sets of data can come from multiple sources.  All that’s mapped into one object in the CMDB. 

Self Service Portal Features

Service Catalog, Silverlight web part hosted in SharePoint:

  • Role based access
  • Users fill forms to create service requests
  • Dynamic forms

Help Articles and more

Supported Configurations:

  • SharePoint site and WCS (web content server) co-located with SM management server
  • SharePoint site and/or WCS remote from SM management server

Can use SharePoint Foundation 2010 or Enterprise.  Can reuse existing SP farms.


A user wants access to an app and fills out a form requesting it and gives a business case.  A ticket is created, and awaits an approval/rejection.  The helpdesk admin can see the ticket with available actions in the portal.  Click approve and the automated activity does the work, in this case adding the requestor to a security group in AD.

He browses the now accessible web app.  But it crashes.  So now he opens an incident ticket. 

SLA Capabilities

  • Features calendars, business hours, holidays.  SLA metrics in the box.
  • Service level objects are supported for all work items.  Specify target and warning thresholds. 
  • Notifications when you are about to or have breached SLAs.


He opens the previous incident.  We can see there is an SLO (service level objective) in the form of time left until SLA is breached.  This is defined in Administration, Service Level Management, Service Level Objectives. 



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