Visio Management Pack Designer (VMPD)

Speakers: Brian Wren and Baelson Duque, MSFT.

This is a new way to author management packs for System Center 2012 Operations Manager. 


  • Creating MPs takes too long
  • Difficult to maintain best practices
  • Difficult to create a model to manage an app

The old R2 Authoring Console was a dog IMO.


  • Create custom monitoring with minimal effort
  • Solution for offline management pack creation
  • Visual design tool

What the VMPD is Not For

  • Editing existing management packs
  • Deeply advance customer scenarios

VMPD Shape Types

  • MP Modelling: Represent components of your app
  • MP Rollup: Connect components and monitors
  • MP Monitoring: Monitors and rules


  • MP modelling a single server patterns: application components with a single type of server
  • MP modelling distributed patterns: Multiple types of server


Prereq: It requires Visio 2012 Premium edition. 

You start off with a blank diagram with a management pack shape.  A shape data sheet gives you properties of the shape – visible when you click on the shape.  Here we can specify what versions of Windows the MP will support.  This is a discovery.

In MP modelling we have things like server component (e.g. SQL Server Reporting Services) shape.  It’s data sheet allows us to do discovery using “how to find”: registry key, vale, Windows Server Role, and WMI query.  The Affect Computer Health setting allows you to roll the health of this server component up to the computer, e.g. the server role is red therefore the computer is red.  RunOn allows you to optionally schedule when the discovery runs. 

Under a server role, you place a server component(s).  You can use lines/arrows to dictate health roll up, e.g. “worst of this component”. 

A Windows Performance Counter Monitor is added.  You specify the object and counter as well as the instances of that counter.  You can alert or you can alert and collect data.  You can create a performance view for the console.  You can optionally save your data to the data warehouse.  And you can create a linked report!  This is nice. Me want now.  Can even set the monitor to only run on a schedule, e.g. why monitor LOB app performance during down hours.  Can copy/paste the monitors to quickly expand the MP.

An event monitor is created for an event ID and source.  You can set it to trigger after X occurrences in Y seconds. 

You can use patterns to create a composite shape.. a set of shapes that you are frequently reusing.  You can add your own ones via a stencil 

You can then generate an MP and that does all the XML in the backgrouond for you.


CTP very soon.

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