Mastering Microsoft Lync Server 2010

My friend Nathan Winters (ex Exchange MVP and now MSFT UK employee) and Keith Hanna (MSFT as well I believe) finished the work a few months ago and now you can read it.  Mastering Microsoft Lync Server 2010 is on the shelves.


Microsoft Lync Server 2010 maximizes communication capabilities in the workplace like no other Unified Communications (UC) solution. Written by experts who know Lync Server inside and out, this comprehensive guide shows you step by step how to administer the newest and most robust version of Lync Server. Along with clear and detailed instructions, learning is aided by exercise problems and real-world examples of established Lync Server environments. You’ll gain the skills you need to effectively deploy Lync Server 2010 and be on your way to gaining all the benefits UC has to offer.

  • Gets you up and running with Lync Server—whether you are migrating from Office Communications Server or new to Lync Server.
  • Walks you through all of the essential stages for deploying Lync Server
  • Shows integration with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Demonstrates how to monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot problems more efficiently

Mastering Lync Server 2010 is a must-have resource for anyone looking to manage all the various forms of communication from one user interface.

Congrats to the entire team for getting the book out there.  I know how much work is involved.

One thought on “Mastering Microsoft Lync Server 2010”

  1. I’ve recently ordered this book. Heard good reviews about it. I’m sure it will fill in several (ok many) knowledge gaps I have with Lync 😉 Lync is great!
    Keep up the blogging, always an interesting read. Was great to have attended one of your Hyper-V events in Belfast about 6 months ago. Thanks!

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