Thanks For Your Continued Support

Some people question why I do all this stuff.  Blogging consumes a lot of time.  Writing whitepapers more so.  Writing even a few chapters for a book is massive exercise and trust me, it’s no way to get rich.  I enjoy it.  And every now and then I get an email, a blog comment, a tweet, or I talk with a reader after an event that changes my mood for the rest of the day from my usual grumpy default.  Thanks for that, and thanks too to those you who have bought books and other items via links on my blog.  It’s no way to make a living (I do have a normal day job) but it pays for a couple of ebooks from Amazon every month.



4 thoughts on “Thanks For Your Continued Support”

  1. Aidan- the info and resources you’ve provided especially through this site has been invaluable for me over the last couple of years since I got involved with Hyper-V, very much appreciated.

  2. Aidan – I’d like to echo Alan’s comments above.

    I have your blog feed in my Firefox toolbar and I’m a regular visitor. Your advice has been invaluable over the years, and I appreciate the immense effort that must go into providing this wonderful resource.

  3. Hear, hear. I am also grateful to you, Aidan, for the valuable resources related to Hyper-V management and deployment. You are appreciated.

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