Keep Up The Pressure on SOPA (Ireland) and ACTA (Everywhere)

Here in Ireland, we get a “show” debate on Fine Gael/Labour/Sean Sherlock SOPA next Tuesday at 6pm in the Dáil (parliament).  It’s mere window dressing as one TD (Dáil member) said to me by email today.  They’re going to blindly push through with this crap unless we make it clear that we’re very angry, and we’ll make them go the way of the Dodo bird … kinda like we did to the PDs in the last elections Smile

The media are refusing to cover this story.  Those 1 or 2 mainstream outlets that do, are burying it way down.  So if you’re in Ireland, tell your friends, tell your colleagues, tell your family, and get them to visit and to sign the online petition.  We need to keep the pressure on the government on this one.

And for everyone everywhere, you need to be aware of ACTA.  It’s SOPA on steroids, and every major country seems to have signed up to the treaty.  You need to fight this one, and that includes you folks in the USA.  Learn about it and contact your local representatives to voice your protest if you disagree with this treaty.  Here in the EU, you can voice your objections with this petition.

BTW, I am actually the victim of having my hard work pirated and I’m against these acts.

Sorry if you came here for Hyper-V or System Center.  I hope you understand the importance of this subject.

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