Irish Government & Sean Sherlock TD Want To Quietly Force Through Their Own Version of SOPA

SOPA was an American bi-partisan bill that presented itself as an anti-piracy law.  In fact, it was a hell of a lot more.  It was promoted by Hollywood, who has refused to change their ways to reflect how Internet business can work (see the possibility of Netflix), and by companies such as GoDaddy who allegedly had something to gain from it (hosting for redirected URLs).  The law was really about uncontrolled censorship that was in the control of the rich and powerful.  They could shut down your web site with absolutely no possibility of defence on your part.  There was a popular revolt in the USA, and SOPA (and the equally bad PIPA) were crushed before they came to vote.

Enter the Irish Government made up of Fine Gael, Labour, and a bunch of unknown government mandarins, all supported by the likes of IRMA, the recording industry which has also fought fair e-business at every turn.

Blacknight’s (the hoster of this site) Michele Neylon issued a press release overnight and posted on his blog.  Thank you Michele, because it seems like our “free” press took a snooze on this one … or they decided to silently support it.

Sean Sherlock, who’s details I’ve shared below, is a Labour party government minister and is trying to introduce this law by ministerial order.  That means that there would be NO VOTE BY OUR DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PARLIAMENT.

If you are in favour of a free democratic Republic of Ireland, then check out the StopSOPAIreland site, sign the petition, and let Fine Gael, Labour, and Sean Sherlock know what you think of their treason.  In my opinion, this puts them in the same place as Fine Fáil and their “independent” supporters of the last government that sold our country’s future down the toilet for their banker & construction friends, and the irresponsible bond holders of Anglo Irish.

BTW, here’s how to contact Sean Sherlock, TD (Cork East TD, Labour Party, Minister of State for Research and Innovation):

Why don’t you take some time to contact Seanie-boy and let him no what you think of treason.  Am I fired up?  Yup, definitely.  This chiselling away of our hard fought for democratic rights must be stopped.  Do and say nothing, and you’re no better than Sherlock is, and it shows how little you really care.

EDIT #1:

Breaking news.  The “hacktivist” group Anonymous tweeted about this a little while ago:

@YourAnonNews: NEW: Ireland gets its own #SOPA law | | | #OpIreland #Anonymous

@YourAnonNews: Ireland has angered the hive, we will be reporting all attacks through this account | #OpIreland #OpMegaUpload

*Evil laugh*

5 thoughts on “Irish Government & Sean Sherlock TD Want To Quietly Force Through Their Own Version of SOPA”

  1. Oh hell no! I’m not moving to Ireland in a months time to get this pushed through! Signed and petitioned. I also submitted it to a couple of news sites hoping they will run with it.

      1. Well mainstream news is about as usefull as tits on a fish anyways… I submitted it to foreign news sites as well in the hopes they pick it up to create a bit of a riot.

  2. Thanks for the info Aidan I had not heard anything about this. I noticed that some government websites had outages this morning. I wonder was this related to ‘Anonymous’ interest..

    1. There was a tweet allegedly by Anonymous today claiming responsibility. Some of the “no” campaign leaders have said they are not welcoming on the hacktivists’ involvement because it’s a distraction. However, I’m the sort that believes that if words don’t work at first, you then switch to a sledge hammer. Radio, TV, print press all chose to ignore this story. That’s why you never heard about it. What caught your interest? The probing DDOS attacks (cos that’s all they were – they can do much more than that). The sledge hammer that is Anonymous got this story discussed, even if it was a tacked on paragraph at the end of the story. Without Anonymous, Sherlock would have gotten away with this with nary a word said on complicit media such as The “Independent”, “Newstalk” (an oxymoron if ever I head one) 106, Today FM, and so on.

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