Rebuilt the UX31E Ultrabook

I rebuilt my Asus ultra-slim laptop over the weekend.  I’ve never been the biggest fan of OEM builds because of the 3rd party stuff that gets included.  On went Windows 7 Ultimate with the intention of migrating from my Latitude which will probably be rebuilt with some Hyper-V version (it has more RAM and eSATA).

After dealing with the drivers (conveniently placed on the hard disk by Asus) and putting on the usuals (thanks to ninite) I installed a few bits of the Asus software, including power stuff and a boot accelerator.

Some info:

  • The power stuff customises the power options.  The battery saving one boosts Windows 7 battery life to around 7 hours.
  • The machine starts in around 2 seconds from cold, then hits the boot loader.
  • A cold boot & logon takes 24 seconds, with things like Office 2010 installed.
  • Wake from sleep (open the lid) is less than 1 second.  The hardest bit here is finding the gap between the lid and the keyboard because the machine is so thin.

All this will only get better with Windows 8.  I already see that on my old netbook and the DevPrev release from last September.

Glad I didn’t toss the Asus packaging yet – I found two dongles:

  • A USB one for adding a NIC
  • A micro VGA converter for connecting a VGA lead. 

Some manufacturers have native VGA and NIC ports in the chassis but have to sacrifice thickness to fit them in.

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