Put My Money Where My Keyboard Is – Bought An Ultrabook

Back in December 2011, I blogged about the variety of Intel-based Ultrabooks on the market and how they offer a cool, slim, light, and still powerful Windows based alternative to the MacBook Air.  I had hands-on with the cracking (that’s good) Toshiba Z830 and Sony VPCZ21M9E.

Yesterday, as I returned from the Hyper-v.nu event in Amsterdam, I made my way into the electronics store near the E terminal, often a place with bargains (compared to Irish costs).  And there I found the i5 version of the Asus UX31E (also comes in i7).  After a quick double check online of the spec on airport’s the free Wi-Fi, I decided to buy it for the price (under €1,000).

It’s a 128 GB SSD, 4 GB RAM, HDMI out, USB 3.0, 7 hour battery life, very slim machine.  It is silent.  It boots up so quickly.  It wakes from sleep instantly.  The chassis is brushed aluminium and it looks very classy.

My main reason to get it was to get a light normal usage machine.  It’ll fit beautifully in my camera bag without adding bulk to prevent the bag being carried onto a flight.  With USB 3.0 I can strap on an external drive for additional data (photos) and do Windows To Go for Windows 8 beta and RC when they come out.  RTM will go on immediately to further extend battery life.

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2 Replies to “Put My Money Where My Keyboard Is – Bought An Ultrabook”

  1. Looks beautiful, a bit on the pricey side for my taste but it looks beautiful. Can you run the Hydration Kit for ConfigMgr on this baby?

    • The SSD is pretty small so I doubt you’d get very much deployment work done on it. But then again, maybe if you plug in a USB 3.0 disk …

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