How To Write An IT Book

First you need to wake up early in the morning.  You will need some fuel for the day and nothing beats a fried breakfast for that: sausages, bacon, hash brown, egg, baked beans and toast.  That’ll keep you going until dinner time with no need to stop for lunch.  Wash all that down with several cups of coffee and you’re ready for the next stage: munchies. 

You will need a constant supply of sugar to keep the brain buzzing.  One of those health freaks with plans to cash in on their pension will urge you to drink juices and eat fruit.  Pah!  Wusses!  What you need a chocolate chip cookies.  Lots of them.   Maybe some of those sugar coated jelly sweets too.  And don’t forget to buy some nice tasting coffee to make when you’re back at the house. 

But even before you get there, you’ll need some more coffee.  Stop at your favourite shop and get something like a 20oz cup full of java.  Mmm, now’re you’re suckin’ diesel.  Fueled and ready to rock and roll you return to the house.

It’s not quite time yet; You’re probably suffering from a sugar buzz right now and will be prone to writing shite.  It’s about 11:30 by now, and you need to catch up on some TV.  One thing leads to another and it’s 17:00.  No point in starting now because it’s nearly dinner time.  You could make dinner but that would be a waste of your valuable time.  Pizza is the food of champions – just ask an pro athlete … they won’t admit that it is because they want to keep it secret, and that makes it true!  You can’t have pizza without beer because that’ll get you sent to hell – trust me.  2 beers and you are now in that mellow sweet spot between the sugar rush and being drunk.  You are now ready to write.

But the time is now 22:30.  I guess you’ll make up for it the following day.  And that, folks, is how to write an IT book.

By the way, you’ll also need to do some research, come up with an idea, propose the business concept to publishers, write the book outline, get contracts signed, do labs, write the book, edit it, and promote it.  But that stuff isn’t as important as all the above.

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  1. We now have an explanation for why Aidan’s teeth make that jittering sound heard when speaking with him.


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