What Event Will Windows 8 RTM Be Announced At?

Please forgive me while I take off my tinfoil (aluminium) hat; the aliens have taken a break from trying to read my thoughts.

I previously stated that I believed that Windows 8 would release before July 2012 because of how Microsoft’s financial year works (think EA Sports game titles) and their fear of the number 13.

Mary-Jo Foley and Paul Thurrot stated on Windows Weekly that they think an early RTM is coming – we have the developer preview, there will be 1 beta and 1 RC before RTM, and they think Microsoft is aiming to have GA for the lucrative back-to-school timeframe in August/September.

Microsoft won’t do an RTM without a big event to go along with it.  It just so happens that TechEd Europe is moving back to Amsterdam and Summer in 2012.  To be precise, it will be held on the week of June 25th, 2012.  That allows Microsoft to call the server product “Windows Server 2012”, and it allows them time to start the OEM build up for August and September.  I’d expect actual launch events in early September.

OK, that’s done and I can hear the aliens, it’s time to don my protective cover once again.

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