Building Continuously Available Filer Server NAS Appliances

Speakers are Gene Chellis and Cristian Teodorescu

A file server NAS could be a fine appliance for SQL Server or Hyper-V file storage.  This is the last of the sessions in the storage track.

Why is NAS Relevant?

  • Customers like them according to sales figures. Sales rising steeply for last 2 year and into future, whereas file servers sales growing slowly now and in future (after 2 years of big drop)
  • Simple deployment (appliance)
  • Supports virtualisation and private cloud
  • Storage optimized hardware

Requirements of NAS

  • Support heterogeneous environments: Windows/Unix and File/Block
  • Support multiple workloads: client and server
  • Designed for end-to-end storage performance
  • Designed for continuous availability
  • Integrated software/hardware/packaging (appliance)
  • Simplified setup, configuration, and management (appliance experience)

New for Unified Storage on Windows Server 8

  • iSCSI target continuous availability
  • NFS v3 server continuous availability
  • NFS 4.1 server

End-to-End Storage Performance

Requirements vary by workload.  Some OEMs have not considered that and sometimes have a bottleneck that prevents high end-end performance.

Long demo of a virtualised pre-packaged NAS/cluster appliance with lots of wizards to set it up.

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