It’s Official: Hyper-V on Windows 8 Desktop

Steven Sinofsky just posted this:

“… we will support virtualization on the Windows client OS”

Now we’re cookin’ with diesel … as some rednecks say around here.

There is the first mention of .VHDX files (an alternative to VHD) and “Live Storage Move”.  On the latter he says:

“With this, you could move the VM’s storage from one local drive to another, to a USB stick, or to a remote file share without needing to stop your VM”.

And “you can also create large VMs with 32 processors and 512GB RAM”.

There is a video on the post about Hyper-V on Windows 8.

Windows 8 will natively support wifi NICs in the host machine by building in a bridging process similar to what we do manually now.

This is bloody great news for those of us who choose to use Hyper-V to demo, and for IT admins, devs, testers, and those thinking about app-compat via VMs.

78.68% of those surveyed will be very happy about this announcement.


Ben Armstrong later confirmed that Windows 8 Hyper-V would support sleep/hibernate.  Excellent!

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