Results & Report on The Great Big Hyper-V Survey of 2011


I am pleased to present the results and a report on The Great Big Hyper-V Survey of 2011, that was conducted by myself, Hans Vredvoort, and Damian Flynn.  We conducted this report over the last few weeks, asking people from around the world to answer 80 questions on:

  • Their Hyper-V project
  • Their Hyper-V installations
  • Systems management
  • Private cloud
  • Their future plans

Note that this survey had no outside influences.  Microsoft found out about this survey by reading blog or twitter posts at the same time as the respondents.  I have deliberately chosed not to try get a sponsor for my report to further illustrate its independence.

Some of the results were as expected, and some of them were quiet an education.  Thank you to all who completed the survey, and to all who helped to spread the word.  And now, here’s what you have been waiting for:

  • Here is a report that I have written over the last 2 days.  I dig into each of the 80 questions, analysing the results of each and every question that we asked.
  • For those of you who want to dig a little deeper, here is a zip file with all of the raw data from the survey.  You will find reports and spread sheets with different views and selections of data.  I also created an additional spread sheet that was used to create the report.

Whether you are a sales person, a Hyper-V customer, a potential customer, or an enthusiast, I think there is something here for you.

Now the conversations and debates can begin.  Have a read of the report and then go over to see what Hans Vredvoort, and Damian Flynn thought of the data.  We have deliberately not shared our opinions with each other; this means we can all have unique view points, and possibly see something that others don’t.  For example, I work in the software sales channel with a background in consulting and engineering, Damian is an enterprise systems administrator/engineer, and Hans is an enterprise consultant.  We each have a different view of the IT world.  And after you read their opinions, it’ll be your turn: we want to hear what you think.  Post comments, tweet (#GBHVS2011), blog, or whatever.

4 thoughts on “Results & Report on The Great Big Hyper-V Survey of 2011”

  1. “Good news, James: 19.85% of the respondents are using your PowerShell library compared to the 0.98% that are using third party management solutions (question 43). Bad news, James: you probably could have earned a few Pounds from your work. ”

    Actually I see it as even better news. 60% use system center (which I see as a good thing). Hardly anyone with SCVMM would want my stuff; so of remaining 40%, half are using my stuff.

    As for the money, I would have settled for people in my management chain (or the hyper-V product group) seeing some value in what I did. 🙂

  2. I finally found time to read these results fully, it’s fascinating and well worth the time filling it in. I look forwards to the next one.

    PS Snapshots, a user awareness issue? Perhaps Comptia can create Snapshot+



  3. Only getting a chance to look at the results myself as well. As one of the 5.15% of respondents who are using SCE 2010, I’m very surprised that it isn’t higher. The SCE Plus SKU, which also bundles DPM, is a great solution for smaller organisations.

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