The Great Big Hyper-V Survey of 2011

The survey is now closed and the results can be found here.

As a blogger/author/speaker, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of assuming that everyone works in a similar way and environment as I do.  My experiences are based on:

  • When I was managing Hyper-V/System Center directly in a hosting environment
  • Talking to people online
  • Helping people as a consultant, or in my current role as a partner technical advisor

Most of my experiences are in Ireland, and it’s rare to see a virtualisation cluster of more than a few nodes in these parts.

And this is why me, Damian Flynn (another Hyper-V MVP), and Hans Vredevoort (Failover Clustering MVP), have joined forces to bring you the …


The goals are:

  • We learn a bit more about what everyone is up to
  • We can share the findings with everyone so you can learn what everyone else is up to

This survey will run from this morning until 5th of September.  We want to publish the results later that week, which just so happens to be the week before the Build Windows conference.  We’ll be publishing the percentages breakdowns, and also trying to figure out trends.

In the survey, we ask about:

  1. Your Hyper-V project/environment
  2. Your Hyper-V installation
  3. Systems management
  4. What you considering to do in 2012

There is no personal information, no company specific information.  Microsoft has zero involvement.  They’ll see/read the results the same way you do, on the blogs of myself, Damian, and Hans (

The whole thing will take just 5 minutes; the more people that contribute, the more we will all learn about what people are up to, and the more we’ll be able to tweak blog posts, speaking, training, writing, etc, to what is really being done.  If this goes well, we’ll do another one in 2012, 2013, and so on.

So come on …. give the greater community 5 minutes of your time.


Please spread the word of this survey: blog, (re)tweet, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, even MySpace/Bebo it!

9 thoughts on “The Great Big Hyper-V Survey of 2011”

  1. I’m afraid you seem to have a problem in the survey:

    I answered that our virtualization project is complete, but the survey will not let me submit it unless I say *why* our project isn’t complete yet.

  2. Haha, thanks for putting in the funny stuffs: “We create a new CSV when the moon is full”

    I think question 56 might need a Not Applicable also:

    56. If you implemented VMM, what type of SQL Server did you use?

    It doesn’t seem to let you skip it if you did not implement VMM we’ll implement VMM in the future tho!

    1. Thanks – I guess I’m no survey creation expert 🙂 We won’t be changing any questions mid-stream because it could skew the results.

  3. Not a prob at all. I just answered as if I was going to implement it anyway. Cheers!

    lol – “What is a project?”. That was another good one.

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