CRM Dynamics 2011 and Hyper-V

Strangely, the official text for Dynamics support on virtualisation was difficult to find.  I kept finding an article for Dynamics 4.0 and how it supported Virtual Server.  Eeek! 

The advice from the Dynamics group is as follows:

Virtualisation Products

Any virtualisation plartform on the SVVP is supported.


It starts out with what I expected: they advise the use of fixed size VHDs, much like the advice from SQL, SharePoint and Exchange PGs.

The CRM Dynamics group goes on to show that they need a little education about how we have been doing things in the real world.  They say that each VHD should be on a seperate disk on the host computer.  (a) We tend to use SANs in mid-size and greater environments where CRM Dynamics will be found, and (b) a well sized CSV or LUN on a modern SAN spans every disk in the disk group so it has the potential to use all of their IOPS.  We tend not to do 1 VHD per LUN anymore.

And that’s where the virtualisation specific guidance ends.  There is some general talk about allowing for required resources, runing config testing tools in the machines (just as they advise for physical), and so on.  There’s no mention of Live Migration/vMotion, Dynamic Memory, etc.  In the end, this is another SQL product so I guess the SQL guidance is what you should use to drive your design.  And I’d also take a little from the SharePoint 2010 guidance: allow headroom for growth, do a pilot and user acceptance testing, monitor, and resize accordingly.

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