Windows Intune – Someone in Microsoft Thinks $11 = €11

I was interested in using Microsoft Windows Intune as a service at work.  A nice simple centralised service with an online presence is perfect for a company with lots of people on the road.  Plus it gives you access to Windows 7 Enterprise edition.  I think I have changed my mind about considering Intune now.  Here’s why.

The listed price (before tax) is $11 in the USA, per machine, per month.  Not bad.  Take the exchange rate into account and that should be just under €8/month.  I know the USD is weak so I could live with €9 for the price over the long term.  I saw no listed price for Ireland.  With MS online services, I’ve found you have to log in with your live ID to see the price for your region.  So I did that and the price was ….


That works out as $15.44 before tax.  In other words, Microsoft are charging 40% more for Intune, before tax, if you are living in Ireland.  Why exactly is that?  I remember in Vista days when the same currency symbol swapping was done and the exchange rate was blamed.  It was BS and everyone knew it.  I was genuinely and ahppily surprised when I saw a real conversion on the price of  Windows 7.  I cannot wait to hear why it’s happening now with Intune.

The product might be good, and the future excellent, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to put up with that sort of pricing.

I’ll be interested to hear what rates MS are charging for Intune in your region.  Post a comment to share.

8 thoughts on “Windows Intune – Someone in Microsoft Thinks $11 = €11”

  1. HI,

    I have almost the same problem with Apple.

    I live in Holland and I want to buy a Macobook air, it will cost me 1399 US Dollars.
    So 945,xx Euro for a new Macbook seems like a good price to me. Tried to find out if they’ll ship it to me. Well ofcourse not.

    Later I found out ( duh! ) there is a Dutch version of the Aplle store site to. I checked again, same Macbook add ram etcetera. Went to payment just to see how much money I need to get. I knew it would be a bit more expensive, shipping and all that. To my surprise I found out that it was 1399 Euro..

    Well I still want it that’s not the point but I was a bit surpised by the lazy ass salespeople who just changed one figure..

    So that is just their marketing i suppose?

    1. Hey Wessel,

      Apple almost do that too with the iPad 2. $499 VS €479 for the 16 GB wifi model. But the USA price is before tax and the Irish price includes it, AFAIK

      But there is a big difference between this and some SaaS service. It costs money to ship hardware and import it. It costs nothing extra to sell a SaaS solution to another region.

      – Aidan.

  2. I’ve just heard that the price in Germany is also €11 or $15.44. I guess that’s the Euro price.

    I find that odd … as you may have heard lately, Ireland has a lower than normal corporation tax rate. Microsoft placed their European Operations Center in Dublin to take advantage of that. Any monies moving through Europe should be able to take advantage of that lower tax rate and actually give cheaper rates than any moved through the more expensive USA.

    1. So it’s confirmed … Windows Intune customers in the Euro zone will be paying 40% more than those in the USA.

  3. An interesting comparison … BPOS starts at $10 in the USA. In Ireland, it costs €8.52. That works out at $12.01. With normal exchange rates it would be around $11.25. So that means EU countries aren’t paying 40% extra like with Windows Intune, but they still are paying at least 12.5% more.

    My advice: if an MS TSP, BG, or account manager comes to your office, bash them over the head with thost figures. They’ll come in selling cloud first – that’s what they have been ordered to do. Then ask them why you should pay more than US customers to use the same data centers.

    I’m not criticising the products; I am criticising the pricing for non-USA customer which varies, in my opinion, from unfair to gouging.

  4. Thi British (GBP) price for Intune is £7.25 per month, or $11.60. That means the UK is 16% higher than the USA, compared with the 40% difference for Euro zone countries.

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