News Roundup – February 22nd, 2011

A few different things have happened in the past couple of weeks so here’s a roundup.

Internet Explorer 9 RTW
IE9 was release by Microsoft with the usual claims of standards compliance, quicker browsing, better security, and so in. I can’t say if all that’s true or not; I stopped using IE8/9 during the IE9 beta. I got tired of memory being eaten up, slow browsing, crashes, and all that jazz. I also didn’t
Like the direction that IE9 was going.

I’m now part of the majority of Europeans that are primarily using Firefox. For the first time in a very long time, IE is a minority browser in Europe.

MED-V is a part of MDOP, that package that is only available to Software Assurance customers. I’ve never looked at it. I meet a lot of IT consumers in Ireland because of my community involvement. I don’t know anyone that is using MDOP. I’ve only got so much time so I have to focus on what I work on or learn. Hence, I have not looked at MDOP.

Microsoft Legal Creating Trouble?
I’m listening to the Paul Thurrot podcast this morning. He reported that MS is trying to push through a bill in Washington State. It would allow MS to sue a company that uses the service of another company, where that other company uses pirated MS software. It would be limited to corporations making more than 50 million dollars. The effect would be ridiculous. Any corporation would have to audit the computers and license purchases of service providers. That would create all sorts of bureaucracy. As if MS licensing wasn’t bad enough?!

I see it causing trouble in the public cloud or hosting business. Open source Linux already rules the roost here. This effort by MS legal won’t help that.

Windows 8
Microsoft aren’t talking (directly) but there are plenty of leaks. Screenshots are out there if you look for them. Some scheduling information is also available. The M2 build is allegedly complete and bug detection/fixing is underway, and maybe M3 build is underway as well.

BTW, I reckon that PDC 2011 delegates might want to leave room in their bags for a slate PC (maybe an ARM tablet) with an install of Windows 8 on it.

MMS 2011
The conference to go to is underway. If you are there, I strongly recommend the SCVMM sessions. The keynotes will be streaming live online, starting today.

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