Post-User Group Meeting Wrapup

Yesterday was a very long day for me.  I was up until 1:00 that morning, completing presentations/demo lab builds, and sorting out registrations.  After 4 hours sleep, I trekked into Dublin to start the event setup in the Guiness Storehouse with Paul Keely (OpsMgr MVP) and John McCabe (lead organiser for this event).

I don’t have the final tally on attendance, but it was around 165 when we kicked off.  More people came along as the day progressed.  We had three active rooms: Systems Management (Paul), Windows/Office 2010 deployment (Me), and cloud for the IT Pro (John).  All were busy.  I did two sessions: MAP 5.5 in the morning, and MDT 2010 Update 1 after lunch.  My room was nearly full.  The cloud room, as I predicted, needed more chairs.  It was the first time that MS cloud content was presented with an IT pro angle; it’s all been SQL, .NET, etc, content since the CTP days which we have zero interest in.

Ergo and Plantronics were the sponsors, with MS being a partner for the event.  That gave us a great venue and coffee/lunch.  So far, feedback has been awesome.  We had talked about a follow up, bigger event in May, leaving the decision until yesterday.  We made up our minds and we announced that another event would take place in May.  Meetings for that start on Monday week.  I’ve got a concept for the Windows track that I think is quite current.

Thanks once again to my fellow organisers, the sponsors, the speakers, and those who came along.  Hope to see you again in May!

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