With So Many Pieces, There’s Lots of Options

Today I was working with a member of Microsoft Consulting Services.  The consultant was here to provide input into a design I was working on for a common client.  It was interesting because we work in different countries and have had different experiences, not to mention that I have the freedom to stray away from corporate doctrine (I would almost never install Server Core,for example).  One thing is clear: there is no one way to deploy a Hyper-V cluster.

Think about it.  There’s storage, backup (which is tied to storage because of CSV redirected I/O), failover clustering, and Hyper-V networking.  Then add on System Center.  There’s a lot of parts in there that can be deployed in lots of ways.  Some configurations are just best practice.  Some are because of support statements.  Some are because Microsoft would prefer you did it that way but we folks who have to live with the cluster can’t live with that configuration.  Some are to suit the client.  And some are just personal preferences.

It was an interesting day because … well … I’m a nerd Smile  It was interesting to explore the difference in opinions and figure out where to go with this thing.

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