If Your Going to “Quote” Me, Then Quote Me Correctly

I was recently interviewed by an online IT news site that focuses on virtualisation.  They were interested in learned more about the private cloud announcements at the recent TechEd Europe 2010 conference.

I talked about the cross-premises cloud, and how is was discussed by Bob Muglia at PDC in 2009.  In the article, that became … “TechEd also saw the announcement of elastic migration features to come for Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, which closely match the model VMware calls a hybrid cloud.”  I did not say what was quoted because it was not announced.

I talked about Azure VM Role which was announced at PDC 2010.  I mentioned that the web console for it looked very like VMM 2012.  That translated into “Finn, who attended VMworld, said he remembered thinking that vCloud Director looked a lot like VMM 2012.”  By the way, I have never been to VMworld and I sure didn’t say I had been there.

My advice to you if you are a journalist … get the facts right!  I’ll be sure to spread the word about that site to my fellow MVPs if the article isn’t corrected immediately Smile


The offending article was modified tonight and noted that there was an error.  A correction has been made.  It might take a while to filter through their publishing system and cached content.

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