Newest Book: Mastering Windows 7 Deployment

No sooner than Mastering Hyper-V Deployment is done, I’m working on Mastering Windows 7 Deployment.  I’m contributing 6 chapters to this one and I’m half way through writing the draft editions.  This book is providing all the steps and all the methods to do a Windows 7 deployment project using the MS product set.  I don’t know what the schedule is at the moment.  I’d suspect early next year will be the RTM.


One thought on “Newest Book: Mastering Windows 7 Deployment”

  1. Aidan,

    Just wanted to say a huge thank-you for posting your ‘Deplying Windows 7 with MDT 2010’ PDF ( I’d been using RIS to deploy Windows XP for years, and when we finally decided to start deploying Windows 7, I was completely lost. After trudging through troves of poorly-written WDS and MDT guides, yours was the first I found that took the approach of, “You’re new to MDT. Here’s how to do it, with lots of explanation.” Exactly what I needed. Now that I’ve read through your guide and spent lots of time exploring and learning MDT, I’m very comfortable working with it and have just capped off our first mass-deployment of Windows 7, which went smoothly.

    Huge, huge thanks for publishing that guide. I was nearly at wit’s end before reading it.

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