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Doing a Windows 7 deployment project?  Heck, are you doing a Windows Server 2008 R2 build project (the deployment and imaging solutions are the same)?  Get yourself over to the Microsoft Springboard site where you can learn all about the deployment technologies and solutions.  Springboard has added a new site: the Springboard Learning Portal:


Quoting Stephen L. Rose: “The Springboard Windows 7 Learning Deployment Portal is designed to guide IT Pro’s deployment education by:

  • Enabling individuals to measure their proficiency and knowledge against key benchmarks
  • Identifying specific skills gaps or areas of weakness to address
  • Create personalized learning plans through direction to resources based on the areas and scope of knowledge gaps
  • Provide informal knowledge checks through learning and re-assess areas initially identified as knowledge gaps
  • Recognizing critical Windows 7 deployment skills and helping to build IT Pro confidence to deploy Windows 7

The Deployment Learning Portal content and methodology helps to bridge the gap between Springboard’s online managed experience content and formal training”.

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