Small Business Server(s) v.Next

Small Business Server (SBS) isn’t really my cup of tea but Microsoft has been doing some impressive stuff for the newest version.  Paul Thurrot has all the details

There will be 2 versions.  The first is the traditional all-in-one-server package that supports up to 75 users.  The second is called Aurora at the moment (I’m sure the naming department is call is something like WSCPSSBSMBWA 2011).  The concept of Aurora is that it’s similar to Vail (the new Home Server) and it places the services like Exchange and SharePoint up in Microsoft Online Services.  I agree with Paul’s assessment: this will be ideal for many small businesses because the painful bits of IT will be in the Cloud.  The interface in Aurora is simple to use and allows the owner to simply add users that will be provisioned in the Cloud.  Aurora will support up to 25 users.  I’ve got to think that many are going to want this to compete fairly against the traditional SBS product and support more than 25 users.

The beta is open now.

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