Passed 70-635 Exam

I sat and passed the 70-635 (MDT 2008) exam today.  I know it’s old; but it’s required for a some MS partner stuff and a more modern replacement hasn’t been announced as a requirements replacement.  The exam was particularly easy considering that I had done work with Vista, WAIK (Vista and Windows 7), WinPE, MDT 2010, WDS (2003 SP2, 2008, 2008 R2), and ConfigMgr 2007.  It also goes into some Office 2007 deployment stuff which is easy enough and some SMS 2003 stuff.  The answers to the SMS questions centred around SP3 and the OSD feature pack with everything else being similar to ConfigMgr.

What I did not like was how some of the questions are written as trick questions rather than as tests of knowledge or experience.  That’s quite unfair.  I didn’t bother commenting on the questions; I have my doubts about the comments being used and I had places to be and things to do.

Next up (once the Prometric site lets me book an exam from my voucher) is 70-401: System Center Configuration Manager, Configuring.

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  1. When talking to someone who once helped create MS exams all the comments are read and discussed by the team responsible for the particular exam. So always comment on your exam. That’s why we now have a proper Enterprise Windows 7 exam, which is really enterprise.

    1. I pretty much used my experience with the deployment tools: WAIK, WDS, ConfigMgr 2007, SMS 2003, and MDT. One of the guys in my team is prepping and he’s using the TechNet online labs and the MDT 2010 white paper that I have on this blog. I’d also recommend visiting Johan Arwidmark’s blog to download his deployment CD. The Springboard Deployment Learning Portal is another good place to visit: It’s not a very technical exam. A lot of it is decision making over certain basic principals.

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