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The Latest on SOPA Ireland

Tonight was the big “debate” on Sean Sherlock’s special instrument (a way in which a government minister an change law without a parliamentary vote).  Sherlock put forward his usual lines which gloss over the fact that the European Courts of Justice say this type of block are illegal, that users & pirates can bypass a…

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Something Stinks In Politics: SOPA & ACTA

Two nights ago I blogged about Sean Sherlock, Labour and Fine Gael introducing an undemocratic change to our laws in favour of the likes of EMI.  Via a “special instrument”, where a minister can introduce new laws without debate or vote in parliament (how dictatorial!) Sean Sherlock means to allow any company to censor what…

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Survey Says? Hyper-V Engineers Are More Manly

Hyper-V engineers are virtually whipping the competition Last night a reputable source reported that Hyper-V engineers are more manly than those who manage other virtualisation technologies. Some say that Hyper-V engineers have higher levels of testosterone, matched only by Olympic weightlifters. Others say that Hyper-V engineers make DBAs tremble with fear as they walk past…

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