IIS – It’s Just Keeps Getting Better

I keep getting more and more impressed with the work that is being done by the IIS teams in Microsoft.  The Web Platform Installer is belied by it’s tiny size.  Sure, it makes setting up a new IIS server quicker and easier.  But the big impact from it for me is how Microsoft has successfully worked with a number of partners to make the entire installation process easier … not just Server and IIS but the plug-ins from others who might be seen as competitors such as PHP.

And it keeps getting better.

There is a Web Deployment Tool to help with the installation and migration of new sites.  “The Web Deployment Tool simplifies the migration, management and deployment of IIS Web servers, Web applications and Web sites. Administrators can use command-line scripting with the Web Deployment Tool to synchronize IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.0 servers or to migrate an IIS 6.0 server to IIS 7.0. The Web Deployment Tool also enables administrators and delegated users to use IIS Manager to deploy ASP.NET and PHP applications to an IIS 7.0 server.” This features integration between Visual Studio 2010 and IIS 7.0.  Web admins can synchronise sites with it.  And web deployments can be converted into packages for easier deployment – this even allows you to add packages to the Microsoft Web Application Gallery.

IIS Advanced Logging appeared on the download site last night for X64 and X86“Advanced Logging provides rich, flexible data collection and real-time logging capabilities. Log any of the HTTP request/response headers, IIS server variables and client-side fields to track end-user engagement. Generate logs per IIS application, create custom logging for modules, or implement hierarchical logging. Set up a central log farm to collect client-side metrics and create multiple purpose-specific logs per request, with each log containing purpose-specific data”.

IIS Media Services 3.0 also made an appearance for X64 and X86“IIS Media Services 3.0 is a set of media-related extensions for Internet Information Services (IIS) 7. IIS Media Services provides an integrated HTTP-based media delivery platform, and includes:

  • Smooth Streaming, adaptive streaming of media over HTTP
  • Live Smooth Streaming, for live adaptive streaming of broadcast events
  • Bit Rate Throttling, meters the speed that media is delivered to a player
  • Web Playlists, secure sequencing of media content You can also download two additional IIS extensions related to IIS Media Services 3.0.
  • Advanced Logging, with real-time client- and server-side logging
  • Application Request Routing (ARR), providing HTTP proxying and caching”

There is also a smooth streaming deployment guide“Smooth Streaming is the Microsoft implementation of adaptive streaming technology, which is a form of Web-based media content delivery that uses standard HTTP. Instead of delivering media as full-file downloads, or as persistent (and thus stateful) streams, the content is delivered to clients as a series of MPEG-4 (MP4) fragments that can be cached at edge servers. Smooth Streaming-compatible clients use special heuristics to dynamically monitor current network and local PC conditions and seamlessly switch the video quality of the Smooth Streaming presentation that they receive. As a result, users experience the highest-quality playback available, with no interruptions in the stream. As a content producer, you can encode on-demand Smooth Streaming video using Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 (encoding of live Smooth Streams is currently not supported). As a content provider, you can use IIS Media Services to serve the encoded Smooth Streams. And as a content consumer, you can play the Smooth Streams using a Smooth Streaming-compatible client, such as Microsoft Silverlight. This document discusses the Microsoft implementation for delivering a full Smooth Streaming experience.”

Keep up up folks!  Combined with WebsiteSpark, this should tilt the Linux V Windows ratio a few ticks in MS’s favour.

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