Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 90 Day Trial

Stephen Rose has announced a highly desired trial program where you can get your hands on a 90 day evaluation copy of Windows 7 Enterprise.  This means you can check out the really uber-cool features that are only found in the Enterprise and Ultimate editions.  Enterprise is only available to those who have software assurance for the desktop (or MSDN/TechNet) so it’s been a bit of a chicken and egg situation on getting to play with it.  Thanks to Springboard, you get it for free and can use that trial in your decision making process on Software Assurance.

And it’s going to be really handy for anyone doing certification who doesn’t have TechNet or MSDN.

Please read the full post by Stephen.  There will be only so many downloads.  The eval lasts for 90 days.  You will have to wipe the system at the end of the 90 days.  Please only use this eval in a lab environment.

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