Remote Desktop IP Virtualization

This is a feature I’d heard of once or twice in passing but never really looked into.  The idea is that you can assign unique IP address to either a user session or to an application on a Terminal Server.  Why?  Mainly it’s to do with compatibility with applications or compliance with regulations where sessions are identified by an IP address.  Normally everyone on a Terminal Server is using the single IP of that server.  That might cause a problem with some situations.  Microsoft details some of those here

They continue to talk briefly about how to configure it in that post.  A follow up post talks about how to configure Remote Desktop IP Virtualisation using Group Policy.

Finally, there is a document you can download from Microsoft that covers the subject.

“Remote Desktop IP Virtualization provides administrators the ability to assign a unique IP address to a program that is available by using RemoteApp and Desktop Connection. In this guide, we will configure Remote Desktop IP Virtualization and access it as a standard user by using RemoteApp and Desktop Connection”.

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