They’re Still Recruiting … By Any Means Possible

I had to satisfy my curiosity this morning so I went and had a look.  I checked out 2 of the main recruitment sites that are used in Ireland.  Key words I was looking for were Sysinternals, 24*7*365 and Exchange 2007.  Easily half the adverts were for one job with the aforementioned Internet gaming company in south Dublin, just off the M50.  They have just about every recruitment agency in Ireland trying to find staff for this role with no joy.  Seriously people, if you’re offering a great package (which they most certainly are), there’s an abundance of available skills (12% unemployment, half of which are skilled professionals) and you still can’t fill that role – don’t you think you need to look at yourself and ask some serious questions?

Another recruiter rang me today about the role.  It was a quick “thanks but no thanks” conversation.  He sounded exhausted with this one.  I can’t blame him.

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