Having Trouble Recruiting? In This Market? What? Really? Why?

There’s an Internet gaming company here in Ireland, just off the M50 in south Dublin, that’s been recruiting for a senior Windows engineer for at least 4 or 5 months.  I’ve been contacted several times by agencies but I’ve no interest in them.  Normally it’s a place I would have been interested in: massive numbers of mission critical Windows servers including Windows 2008.  Tip off words in their adverts mention car parking, gym membership, 24*7*365, Exchange 2007 and Sysinternals.  That last one’s a dead give away 🙂

I blogged about them back in mid 2007.  I had some experience of how they advertised for an architect and the opening was really for a break-fix engineer.  I found that out in the last of 4 interviews. 

So why are they having trouble filling this job?  That last thing I mentioned is a clue of what they’re like.  I know some people who’ve interviewed there in the past and came out feeling bitter like I did.  I know someone (let’s call him Bob) who did their phone interview and was then asked to come in for 4 in-person interviews … at 2PM on the following Monday.  Bob couldn’t do it.  He has to give 1 months notice for time off.  Skiving off from work isn’t in his nature but the HR person was insistent that the interview would not be after hours.  It seems she wanted to recruit someone for their senior position who had no problem dossing from work.  When the Monday plan wasn’t going to work (after 1 month notice being explained).  Here’s what she offered: “OK, we’ll interview everyone else.  If nothing works out then we’ll call you in for the following Monday”.  The only response Bob could give her “Fine, we’ll then book the day off 1 month from the point you call me to say that no one else was suitable”.  Stupid, eh?  All because Ms. Thing wanted to finish work at 17:30.  That brought an end to his dealings with the company.

Unemployment is at over 12% in Ireland right now.  We have a 4 million population.  Lots of those have been skilled employees with great skills.  There’s no shortage of available people and others who are hunting for more secure work.  Any company that’s been failing to fill a position after 4 or 5 months must look at itself and ask some serious questions. 

  • Advertise the job that really is open.  Don’t back load the surprises that spring up in the last interview, the contract or the first day of work.
  • A person cannot know everything.  You have a laundry list of requirements so look for people who have similar skills that can transfer, e.g. they can learn new skills.  A handful of people in Ireland know the HP RDP stuff.  Consider people who know WDS because they aren’t too different.
  • Be flexible.  Asking people to take a risk by dossing from work in the middle of the day is ridiculous.  People are in fear for their jobs so make allowances.  Do you really want to hire someone who will doss from your company?  Are you going to “change them”?  LMAO!  I suspect in this case that the HR person was at fault.  We IT people are used to working late.  HR … well they clock out at 17:30 (oh that’s 5:30PM, dear).

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