Slipstream SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1

I’ve just been working on a new server build that included SQL 2008.  The customer wanted SQL 2008 (full installation) and SP1 for SQL 2008.  I put both downloaders on the server and went to work.  Firstly, SQL 2008 fought me on this clean W2008 build.  I ended up doing a 3-phase installation of SQL (some components at a time).  Then when I installed SP1 it broke the master database during the upgrade.

I was at my wits end when I remembered I could slipstream or integrate the service pack into the installation media for SQL 2008.  A quick search led to the article I needed.  This page shows you how to slipstream SP1 into SQL 2008.  You then have only one install to do instead of two. 

This sorted out my problem for this server – but it has me worried about other existing SQL 2008 RTM/SP0 installations.

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