Citrix XenServer Is Now FREE

Scott Lowe is reporting that Citrix have officially changed their pricing plan.  It was rumoured last week.  They haven’t even crippled it.  Everything that’s in their full product is now free.

Core features of XenServer include the following:

  • Powerful Centralized Management enables full multi-node management for an unlimited number of servers and virtual machines; includes easy physical-to-virtual and virtual-to-virtual conversion tools, centralized configuration management and a resilient distributed management architecture
  • Live Motion and Multi-Server Resource Sharing incorporates powerful XenMotion™ technology that allows virtual machines to be moved from server to server without service interruption for zero downtime; also includes optimal initial virtual machine placement and intelligent maintenance mode 
  • Proven Hypervisor Engine powered by the 64-bit industry standard Xen open source hypervisor developed jointly by more than 50 leading technology vendors, enabling users take full advantage of the latest performance, security and scalability enhancements in next-generation servers, operating systems and microprocessors
    Fast Bare Metal Performance supports an unlimited number of servers and virtual machines with industry-leading consolidation ratios, near native performance on the most challenging application workloads, and virtually zero overhead in both Microsoft Windows® and Linux environments
  • Easy Setup and Administration features familiar interface with easy wizard-driven configuration, intuitive Web 2.0 style search, and built-in auto-help that makes the learning curve for new administrators a snap
  • Integrated Storage Management that supports any existing storage system; includes built-in storage management features such as host-based logical volume management, and dynamic multi-pathing capabilities.”

It will be available from the end March 2009.  You can get a sneak peek with a preview release.  It appears that Citrix’s strategy is that this will be an entry point to other products that Citrix will charge for, e.g. their VDI solution, their virtualisation management solution, etc.

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