Do You Remember BOFH?

Back in the day when I was an administrator with server and desktop responsibilities, I could be a very mean administrator.  Sometimes, if it was a rare boring Friday afternoon and someone in the department had asked me too many quick questions, I might start killing processes on their PC, a favourite was nlnotes.exe … mainly cos they expected that to crash anyway and it was really annoying when it would disappear half way through writing an email.

I just posted about the new management pack template in OpsMgr 2007 R2.  I think I know how to take advantage of it.  With a little customisation, you could create a target group containing one PC … say the one of a person who’s asked you too many quick questions that week.  Set up process monitoring with a twist by customising it to auto kill the process … say Outlook.exe or nlnotes.exe.  This would really put “Operator” into the O of BOFH.

I do not recommend actually doing this.  But it shows the power of this stuff if placed in the right hands; obviously not mine 🙂

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