Installed OpsMgr 2007 R2 Beta 1

I just installed System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 for the first time.  As usual, the longest part of the process was getting all the pre-requisites in place.  Installing OpsMgr 2007 R2 was a breeze.  For a laugh, I went with Windows Server 2008 and SQL 2008 Standard in a Hyper-V VM.  New things I’ve noticed:

  • Prompted at the end of the install to back up the encryption key used (a) to protect RunAs account passwords and (b) can be use to promote management servers to a root management server (RMS).
  • Linux/UNIX management is possible with Cross Platform Extensions.  MS originally wanted to add this to OpsMgr 2007 but a rewrite was required for RunAs accounts.  I’m also setting up a SUSE Enterprise 10 SP2 VM for monitoring – the reason for the whole project to begin with.
  • There are 3 new management pack templates: Process Monitoring (monitor a process when it is running or alert if it is running at all – BRILLIANT!  Imagine how useful this could be for known rampant malware?), UNIX/Linux Logfile and UNIX/Linux Service.
  • Service Level Tracking is built in – as opposed to being a download for OpsMgr 2007.
  • The notifications wizards are improved.  Outlook’s rules wizard looks like it was an inspiration.  It still could do with an exemptions option, e.g. "all sub groups in this group except this group”.

The GUI has remained the same as would be expected with an R2 release.


The BEST bit of Windows Server 2008 R2 has to be the new management pack import tool.  It downloads meta data from the online catalog and allows you to directly import the latest management packs from Microsoft.  Alternatively, you can import them from disk, e.g. 3rd party management packs.  Note that the *NIX management packs are on disk, probably because they are still beta.

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