MS Live: Their Own Worst Enemies

I don’t know what’s been going through their heads lately at Microsoft Live.

  • The first thing was that the Statistics functionality would randomly fail.  You’d click on stats and get a dead link.  Hit refresh enough times and it would load.  That seems to be better since MS deployed an update to the templates/layouts.
  • The Live DNS servers fail intermittently.  My blog goes offline due to DNS failures at Live every now and then.  It’s happened twice in the last couple of weeks that I know of.  I hope the DNS service is geographically dispersed.
  • The worst is the new buttons for managing the sites.  They’re supposed to be drop down buttons where a menu appears and you select an option.  The menu does appear but the button also is a link which loads another page before you can select a menu option.  3/4 of the administrator functionality in unavailable because of this.  Someone needs to crack a few developers heads together over this one.

It’s pretty annoying.  These are very simple things to sort out.  I know it’s a free service but if MS wants to generate revenue from advertising then they need to make the service more easy and reliable than options from alternatives such as WordPress.

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