This Sucks: CoreConfigurator Is Discontinued

The author of CoreConfigurator has had to pull the plug on CoreConfigurator.  Like many of us, he had that awful clause in his employment contract that gives the employer ownership rights over all intellectual property he created while employed by that firm, even if he did it on his own time and at home. 

That one brought up some interesting discussions when I took my current job because some of the things I’ve been writing are already the property of a publisher.  My employer was able to confirm that legally the contract could not extend to my independent work at home.

The author, Guy Teverovsky, has had to hand over ownership to his now former employers.  What they’ll do with the code is uncertain.  This sucks because it was a great little tool for those new to the ways of command prompt.

But, not that I condone piracy in any way, you will find this tool out and about in the wilds of the Internet if you Google hard enough.

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