Are VMware Bonkers?

Judging purely by all my Hyper-V posts as of late, you might think I was anti-VMware.  Far from it.  I reckon they have a great product.  It’s not perfect.  In my opinion, they need to start playing nice with others and provide better end-end management of their enterprise solution from centralised management solutions.  I’m not just talking about placement of VM’s (Virtual Center); I’m talking about health of hardware, health of VM’s, hypervisor performance, etc.  On that they could take a page from Citrix, e.g. Presentation Server.  Pricing is something else they need to reconsider too, less for the product and maybe make the profits from the support or management services.

Now I’ve just read something rather interesting on Bink.  Some regional director is spouting that the days of the operating system will be over in 5-10 years.  Oka-ay then.  I for one, am not throwing my OS books into a fire in the back garden tonight.  Is this really how VMware are thinking?  Is this how they think they will survive the serious entry of Microsoft/Citrix into the enterprise hypervisor world?  This is not good; not good at all.

Is industry moving to the hypervisor?  Yes.  But not all machines are candidates for virtualisation.  I certainly don’t see the virtual appliance replacing the operating system.  Is the operating system changing?  Definitely.  Windows Server 2008 already features component based installation.  You can get an even smaller footprint using a Core installation.  And Core isn’t so scary as I found out for myself.

Credit these comments to the kook bank and don’t expect to see this looneytune making a big splash in the future.

Credit: Bink.

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