Data Protection Manager Feature Pack

A feature pack that adds new functionality to DPM 2007 has been released for x86 and x64:

Issues Fixed:
  • 946647 Description of the Data Protection Manager 2007 hotfix package: January 9, 2008
  • 948373 The backup image may be corrupted if you use System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 to perform an online backup of a virtual machine that is running in Virtual Server 2005
  • 950082 Description of the Data Protection Manager 2007 hotfix package rollup 2
  • 948936 When synchronization runs in Data Protection Manager 2007, the DPM service may unexpectedly crash
  • 951557 getKB -Data Protection Manager 2007 – Hotfix
Features Added:
  • Support for backing up virtual machines on clustered Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 hosts
  • Support for sharing tape libraries between multiple DPM servers
  • Better tape utilization of tape capacity by co-locating data from multiple protection groups with similar retention range
  • System state protection for Windows Server 2008

Note: Backup of SQL 2008 (Katmai) is not supported until the released version is publicly available.

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