Mastering Windows Server 2003, Update Edition for SP1 and R2

Mark Minasi, famous IT journalist, author, speaker and consultant, has just finished writing his update to Mastering Windows Server 2003.  The updated book will include the new features included in SP1 and the R2 release of Windows Server 2003.  Mark has gotten permission from the publishers to post one of the chapters (on Windows Firewall) on his web site.

The publishers state that the following will be covered in the book:

  • Getting and installing SP1
  • Hiding folders from prying eyes with ABE
  • De-worming Windows with Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
  • Solving SP1/R2 incompatibilities
  • Stopping spyware and locking up ports
  • Stopping mobile thieves by blocking USB memory sticks
  • Upgrading to R2 and getting to know its GUI
  • Understanding R2’s new Print Management Console
  • Controlling folder usage with quotas and more
  • Integrating Unix and Windows
  • Working with Active Directory

At the very least, I’d recommend you read this chapter.  I’d also recommend a purchase of this book if you plan to deploy Windows 2003 or make use of Service Pack 1 or R2 features.  I read Mastering Windows Server 2003 when I first started to deploy the operating system.  Mark really makes his *ahem* mark by telling you both the official Microsoft story and, importantly, how the product really works and how you should really use it.  Given that the original book is 1753 pages long and the new Windows Firewall chapter is 48 pages long, I’m left wondering if a free JCB is provided to carry the book.

Make sure you also check out Mark’s free forum, MR&D, and his audio books based on his seminars that cover subjects such as Windows Vista, Microsoft network security and the SMTP service.  If you get the chance to, I would also recommend that you attend his seminars.  Mark is not only informative but also very entertaining … something that is tough to be in a world full of geeks and nerds!

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