Microsoft Ignite 2018–Azure Keynote

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Speakers: Scott Guthrie, Julia White, and probably a cast of others.

Julia White

She repeats some stuff we’ve already heard.

Scott Guthrie

The man in charge of Azure and Windows Server comes out. You can use entry level, burstable machines. There are big machines for high end, and hardware-enhanced machines.


New disk option, Ultra SSD, delivers twice the performance of the next competitor, and scales up to 64,000 and 160,000 IOPS with sub-millisecond latency.

4500 peering locations and 10,000,000+ miles of fibre networking in the Microsoft WAN. ExpressRoute offering speeds up to 100 Gbps, which is industry leading. Front Door is a new service to give you a secure global entry point for globally distributed apps. It uses Azure’s intelligent routing and offers CDN. Azure WAN and Azure Firewall are also GA.

Azure Data Box, the secure ruggedized disk box is GA and has some new options. Heavy expands from the normal 100 TB to 1 PB capacity. Edge is a new category of appliance to use data locally with it being stored in the cloud. It has offline capabilities.

There is purpose-build hardware in Azure for NetApp, Cray, and SAP. 24 TB RAM bare-metal machines for SAP. 12 TB RAM VMs coming soon.

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2019 is announced. Bits coming in October. Native hybrid cloud features. New security enhancements including Defender Threat Protection. Better container images and app compat.Lower cost storage with Storage Spaces Direct.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows 10 multi-user support for this new MS hosted Windows 10 solution. It appears to be O365 licensed with Azure VM consumption. RI can be applied for discounts. In the end, it’s just RDS.

Azure Stack

On-prem Azure, with the usual explanations. Available in 92 countries via the 5 partners. Video and demo of a mini- ruggedized Azure Stack kit from Dell for disaster relief and similar touch-environment scenarios. Uses drones as recon devices with edge AI. Next up, an engineer with a HoloLens goes “on site”. A remote expert can see what she can see and help her do the work. It ties in with Dynamics to find and recommend an expert.


RedHat is one of their “deepest partners”. A joint OpenShift on Azure is coming to Azure Stack.

Security + Management

Azure Security Center is the central dashboard for managing security in Azure and in hybrid. A new Security Score is being shared through ASC to measure your deployments.

Blueprints are being announced. It’s a combination of ARM template, resource group, RBAC, and Policy in one “template” that you associate with a management group.

Julia White came back out with a Walmart guy to do chat show time. Yawn.

Azure Migrate

It now supports Hyper-V.

Azure Learn

Free step-by-step tutorials. Hands-on learning and coding environments. Knowledge checks and achievements.

Serverless Based Computing

Built in HA, security, parching by MS.

Jeff Hollan comes out to do a demo of app migration/modernization. In Visual Studio, he clicks a menu to add Docker support for an existing set of code. He can choose Windows or Azure. VS builds a docker container to run the application, and runs it on his PC to live debug it. He set a break point and while the container is running, he can step through the code in VS. Can be published to K8s from VS too. A dashboard that is built from 10s of thousands of data sources requires batch jobs. To make it live built, he’s going to use Functions v2.0 GA today in Azure. It offers twice the performance of Functions v1.0.  As serverless, it can scale to the 10s of thousands of instances that happen every second.


Largest developer community in the world. 28 million unique developers and 85 million code repositories. Will be allowed to stay open and independent.

Azure DevOps

Next gen VSTS. Boards, Pipelines, Test Plans, Artifacts, Lab Services, and Repos – all in Azure.

Data & AI

SQL Server 2019 public preview available. Leverage hardware acceleration. Data classification and labelling, e.g. GDPR. Data masking and hardware encryption.

Azure SQL Managed Instances GA.

Cosmos DB is one of the fastest growing services in Azure. I am not surprised – the scale and HA are fantastic. All the APIx are GA. Multi-master write support (now GA) with anti-entropy makes it easier to built widely dispersed planet-scale apps. Reserved Capacity will reduce costs by up to 65%. A new lower cost entry option for smaller databases is announced.

Some new analytic service called Azure Data Explorer for exploration, and querying structured and unstructured data. Can query live data like log telemetry. Scale from GBs to PBs.

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