Going to Ignite 2017 & Azure Architect Bootcamp

Not only is H2 of 2017 insanely busy at work, but I’m going to be travelling for the next 2 weeks. I’ll be one of over 20,000 attendees at Ignite 2017 in Orlando, starting on Monday. Ignite is Microsoft’s biggest tech event, focusing on the business technology solutions.

There will be lots of announcements and lots of new things to learn. Not only will I be trying to keep with my on-premises and Azure infrastructure knowledge, but my plan is to grow what I know in the PaaS space too.

I plan to do a lot of live blogging from the conference so make sure you check out my site next week.

Then on the following Sunday, I fly up to Bellevue, which lies between Seattle and Redmond. Work has enrolled me in an Azure Architect Bootcamp for Microsoft Partners. This event, for MS Partners only, offers three level 300-400 tracks on infrastructure, platform, and data. You might expect me to attend the infrastructure track, but my focus will instead I registered for the the platform track.


If you’re at either of these events then don’t be afraid to say “hi” if you see me about. I’m in the Bellevue area from Oct 2 to 6th, and if anyone is looking for a user group speaker in the general area then I’d be happy to do something in the Azure IaaS area – I’ve got lots of content so just email me and all I ask for is a coke or a coffee.

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