How To Get DPM/Azure Backup Server To Use USB Drive As Backup Storage

If you are running a demo or test lab, and you need some additional economical storage for backups, then you might think “I’ll use a USB drive”. However, DPM (and therefore Azure Backup Server) do not support adding a disk on a USB controller as a backup target. I struggled with this, and then it hit me this morning.

Storage Spaces will abstract that the disk is connected via USB Smile

I connected the disk, made sure it was unformatted and offline, launched Server Manger and created a pool from the primordial pool. I then create a simple virtual disk from the pool, and chose not to format it. Back into Azure Backup Server, and I was able to add the disk as a backup target.

3 thoughts on “How To Get DPM/Azure Backup Server To Use USB Drive As Backup Storage”

  1. Creating a VHDX on USB drive and mounting it should also work. I think it was Ben Armstrong who wrote about this workaround, in his case to get dedup working on removable media.

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