Windows Server Technical Preview 5 is Out

Microsoft has released Technical Preview 5 of Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V Server 2016. There is also an Essentials edition preview.


As you can see, plans for licensing have not changed since I last spoke about this topic … and you voted … a lot.

Here is a listing of what’s new in the technical preview (this includes TP1-4). And here are the official listings for:



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4 thoughts on “Windows Server Technical Preview 5 is Out”

  1. Ugh, it seems TP5 breaks nested virtualization with Windows 10 v1511 as the host and TP5 the guest. The HV VM Bus Provider device driver does not start. TP4 worked fine.

  2. Bill,
    I read that in server 2016, the hyper-v guest components are delivered through windows update. maybe check windows updates for the latest guest components?

    1. Ryan – Thanks. Sorry, your comment wasn’t visible when I posted my reply on 6 May. It turned out to be an issue with the builds of W10 and WS2016 being out of sync. Now if I could just get Xen Server working in nested fashion on W10…

  3. After updating the Windows 10 HV host to build 14332.1001 through the Insider Preview, nested virtualization is working with TP5 guests.

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