Thinking About Or Using Azure? Then Give This A Vote

Microsoft has some of the dumbest boundaries between the licensing deployments of their cloud products. If you deploy direct-billing (MOSP, and this includes MSDN) Azure then you cannot switch your services to Open licensing. If you are in syndicated Office 365 then you cannot switch to volume licensing. Basically, the Microsoft imaginary cloud boundaries that I know of are as follows:

  • Syndicated
  • CSP
  • Open
  • Enterprise Agreement
  • MOSP/direct-billing

Whatever you deploy in one plan is stuck there. And that sucks, considering that:

  • Customers will develop something on direct-billing or MSDN, like it, and then want to go “production”, and then hit the Microsoft licensing barrier.
  • Customers do move up/down/across the various forms of Microsoft licensing.

What can be done? I’ve heard stories that if you bought a big enough EA, then you could open a support call with Microsoft billing to move all of your deployment to that agreement. I’ve also read that customers in direct-billing could do the same to move to volume licensing.

Do you, like me, think that this sucks? I sure do – this should be something that is easy, and not dependent on a “favour”. If you agree then vote here, like I just did.

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2 thoughts on “Thinking About Or Using Azure? Then Give This A Vote”

  1. If you’re lucky, MS will move even Open Licence voucher subs one to another (try opening a support ticket on VLSC), but it is pot luck. The different licencing schemes you highlight show what a pain it all is, and how stuck in the 80’s. Time to simplify to encourage adoption MS, and move on!

  2. Apparently they have “started working on it” according to an Azure Admin comment on May 4th. Or maybe it’s just mind tricks in line with Star Wars Day. Either way, I’ve voted too.

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