Reminder: Webinar on ODX for Hyper-V and VAAI for vSphere Storage Enhancement

Here’s a reminder of the webinar by StarWind that I am co-presenting with Max Kolomyeytsev. We’ll be talking about offloading storage operations to a SAN using ODX for Wnidows Server & Hyper-V and VAAI for vSphere. It’s a great piece of functionality and there are some things to know before using it. The session starts at tomorrow at 19:00 UK/IE time, 20:00 CET, and 14:00 EST. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Register here.

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4 thoughts on “Reminder: Webinar on ODX for Hyper-V and VAAI for vSphere Storage Enhancement”

  1. Hi Aidan, i watched you presentation. I understand tha ODX only is used on SCSI connected VHDX, is this correct?

    What happans if you clone a VM with a VHDX connected to IDE (c-drive) and an VHDX connected to SCSI (data volume). Will i benefit from ODX?

    Cheers, Manfred.

    1. The cloning process is done by the host/management systems, so if they can do ODX (e.g. WS2012 R2 Hyper-V and SysCtr 2012 R2) then all the operations of data movement, etc, are ODX enhanced.

      1. Hi Aidan,
        We use WS2012R2 and SysCtr 2012R2 (VMM), is it possible to monitor ODX activity? I don get the feeling that our DELL Equallogic is using ODX. FirmWare level is correct (v7.x)

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