Survey – What Kind of UI Do You Use For Hyper-V Hosts?

I have a one question survey for you:


If you are a consultant or have multiple answers then please select the most commonly deployed option. Don’t select your preferred option, but what is really used most often.

Please tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever, this survey to get as big a sample as you can. You’ll see the results as they go along after voting.

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9 thoughts on “Survey – What Kind of UI Do You Use For Hyper-V Hosts?”

  1. What I WANT to use: Core
    What I HAVE to use: FullUI because lack of remote management knowledge from other team members and management.

  2. Full UI

    We used to use Core extensively but other techs had issues with it and it just seems simpler to stick with the Full UI nowadays – don’t see lots of benefit to using core in this case.

  3. We use the full GUI for several reasons.
    1. Other users are not as strong at command line/PowerShell.
    2. Performance impact of the GUI is negligible when dealing w/ hosts of 256GB and 512GB.
    3. While Core is supposed to have less patches and less reboots, I’ve read that this isn’t really the case.

  4. Always full. Even system Centre requires full UI. There’s only once I deployed core to customer, that was because lousy nutanix doesn’t support UI thanks to internal 60gb storage space.

  5. Core/MinShell. if you aren’t comfortable with cmdline/powershell then you should learn. #1 reason for Core is the removed temptation to install crappy software – when the UI is easy and allows it you tend to get crap installed. Also no IE.

    A management server (Full GUI) with all of the required consoles installed and WinRM configured correctly is useful. Can do a lot with Server Manager remotely.

  6. I suggested Hyper-V Core at my previous employer, even put in a change request to switch our cluster to core, and the change request was denied because the other admins were afraid of using it with VMM 2012 R2, Failover Cluster Manager, Hyper-V manager and powershell, remotely if needed. So it wasn’t even like i was suggesting that we only use powershell to manage it, it was the fear of logging onto a host and not having a GUI.

    Will you be telling us how many people voted?

  7. Full GUI for our Hyper-V hosts. Our engineers are not comfortable enough to make the change. Microsoft want everybody to start using PowerShell to manage the hypervisor, but the leap from using the GUI to using Powershell to manage the server is just too great.

    I’m considering using the Minimal Server Interface on the next few server installations.

  8. Full GUI for all our hosts. We have both Hyper-V and VMWare in the datacenter, for the Hyper-V friendly admins, we feel more secure and in control with the GUI. For the VMWare fans among our admins, we do not want to give them more ammunition to bash Hyper-V

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