Follow Up From Altaro Webinar On Hyper-V vNext

I really enjoyed presenting today on the next version of Hyper-V with Rick Claus (Microsoft) and Andrew Syrewicze (Hyper-V MVP). We had some tech glitches at the start and during the session, which always makes a session memorable Smile

We ran out of time at the end. Andy was the moderator but his ISP crapped out, so we didn’t get a chance to do Q&A properly.

If you have any questions then please either hit us on Twitter or post a comment below.

Thank you to Altaro for hosting this webinar! Make sure to check out their excellent backup products, which also features a free version.

4 thoughts on “Follow Up From Altaro Webinar On Hyper-V vNext”

  1. Nice summary of Hyper-V 2016. I am still not feeling the hype though. The features and improvements are all nice to have, but nothing like Dynamic Memory or the huge leap forward from 2008 to 2012.

  2. Unfortunately I missed it as was stuck out onsite. Do you know if there’s a recording available anywhere ?

    1. The session was recorded but I don’t know if it was shared or not. I don’t know if Altaro are going to post it or not.

  3. I feel like one of the best features is the revamped backup system. Vendors have struggled mightily writing their own Change Block Tracking drivers. To have those given to them by Microsoft will save then R&D and allow them to push out the Hyper-V versions of their software faster.

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