Windows 10 Is The Next Version of Windows

There’s no Windows 9. It’s called Windows 10. I know there’s got to be a story behind this, probably one that we’ll never here, and probably related to a change in management, and possibly direction.


Thank frak they did not call it “Windows” or “Windows One”, both of which were teased during the event.

You can see a video of Windows 10 in action here:

Not much was shown that we didn’t already know about. This is a very early build. I think this in conjunction with the skip of Windows 9, suggests to me that there was a re-planning quite late in the process.

The technical preview (a very early build) is out tomorrow (Oct 1st). Join the Windows Insiders program to get your hands on this, probably unstable and frequently updated, build and contribute feedback.

The goal of this build is to show that Windows 7 users can move to Windows 10, like moving from a Prius to a Tesla without re-learning to drive.

The only mention of Windows Server Threhsold was that the preview will be out after the release of the Windows 10 preview.

On the schedule of Windows 10:

  • Tech preview on Oct 1st
  • Consumer preview in early 2015
  • GA in mid-late 2015 … further convincing me that there was a re-start on planning because we originally thought RTM would be around April 2015

Joe Belfiore will be one of the keynote speakers at TechEd Europe. I think we’ll hear much more then regarding enterprise features.



Microsoft released a recording of today’s event. Why oh why could they live stream this over Azure if they were going to even bother having cameras there?


Another video was released, showing the concept of Continuum, the adaptive UI experience for convertible devices.

3 thoughts on “Windows 10 Is The Next Version of Windows”

  1. Man… why didn’t I post something when I thought “watch, they’ll skip 9 and go straight to 10,” probably out of some continual desire to present themselves as toe-to-toe with Apple. And then watch Apple take advantage of the marketing notion that Windows has finally “caught up.”

  2. Hi Aidan,

    today at the german partner conference the german windows lead said that named it Windows 10, because there is such a big change in this new version, that it is not only a jump of one version.

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